Vine FX delivered over 500 shots, including nearly 200 with 3D elements

WOTW2 image1

Vine FX has revealed further information on the work it completed for season two of War Of The Worlds. 

Airing on Disney+, War Of The Worlds is written and created by BAFTA award winner Howard Overman, (Misfits, Crazyhead, Merlin) and based on the story by H.G. Wells.

Early information on Vine’s work on the series was revealed in Broadcast Tech’s Post-Production Uncovered last summer, but it has now added that it created over 500 shots for the second season - nearly 200 of which contained 3D elements.

All artists worked remotely during the post-production, with key tasks including the full creation of a CG alien planet environment, adding spaceships across the streets of London as well as building the ship’s interior.

Vine FX released video of before and afters that can be seen below.

Vine FX’s visual effects supervisor Michael Illingworth said: “We were delighted to be engaged on season two of War Of The Worlds, especially as it was to lead the way in Covid-restricted production.

“This season was CG heavy and the team led by 3D supervisor Pedrom Dadgostar rose to all the challenges presented by pandemic protocols and home-working. The War Of The Worlds’ renowned tension and atmosphere were carried over between seasons, as were the deadly alien robots that were developed and created by the Vine FX team.”

wotw2 image 2

A full CG alien planet was a major part of Vine FX’s work, with the alien humans the only in-camera element kept within the plates. Executive producer Julian Murphy’s main objective for this sequence was to convey the realism of the environment, whilst delivering the look of an urban apocalypse. Mountainous terrain was created in CG for texture and depth, with simulated moving water flowing into rivers and running through valleys and lakes. The planet also features a brown dwarf star looming over the horizon.

wotw2 image 3

Scattered spaceships around the streets of London were another major feature throughout the series. The spaceship asset was built in CG, and it had to look weathered to represent the alien humans long intergalactic travels, before arriving on Earth. The interior of the spaceship was built partially in-studio and enhanced further using 3D set-extensions to build the constitution of a large and continuous rounded space.

War Of The Worlds has already been renewed for a third season, with production underway ahead of a release in 2022.