Gearhouse Broadcast’s Ed Tischler on why he believes NAB 2019 signalled a tipping point in the move to IP

Ed Tischler

What was immediately obvious to me at NAB 2019 was just how well attended the show was. This demonstrates just how much buoyancy there currently is in the production market. It also highlights the industry’s growing level of confidence in IP technology, whether that’s in video, audio or comms.

It’s now matured to a point where people are investing in IP in confidence. Standards have been ratified, interoperability between suppliers has increased and manufacturers have really stepped up their game – all of which was evident in Las Vegas.

Another clear theme was the renewed push around remote production. This is an area that everybody was talking about a couple of years ago and it now seems to be enjoying a welcome resurgence. More and more telcos are recognising they have a key role to play in enabling remote productions, so are remarketing themselves to try and establish their position. This is helping to drive market growth and provide customers with significant operational cost savings.

Most importantly for exhibitors, attendees at this year’s NAB really seemed to be there with the intention of making purchasing decisions. There were lots of well-developed, tried and tested IP products on show that let users keep their workflows the same or even improve them, and it felt like this was driving a real willingness to invest. That isn’t always the case at these types of trade shows, so it was certainly reassuring to see.

Looking ahead, although the industry has made some significant strides forward over the last year or so, it doesn’t look like we’re on the verge of any big technology changes. The market seems to be focusing on moving to IP and although we could see HDR playing a bigger role, it’s unlikely  there will be any dramatic changes just yet.

Ed Tischler is UK managing director at global broadcast solutions specialists at Gearhouse.