The service enables actors, directors and dialect coaches to work together in real-time as though they were in the same room


Cloud-based localisation services provider Zoo Digital has lauched a remote Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) service.

ADR is the process of re-recording dialogue after filming to improve the audio quality or make changes to the dialogue.

Zoo Digital’s ADR platform creates a ‘virtual ADR stage’ that makes it possible for ADR recording sessions to take place either in a studio or remote location. Actors, directors and dialect coaches can work together in real-time as though they were in the same room, and third-party collaboration tools aren’t required.

Zoo Digital says its new service will “make ADR seamless and more cost-effective now and in a post-pandemic environment.”

Once lockdown eases, Zoo Digital says its virtual ADR stage will offer additional recording capacity to physical studios and will be crucial to helping keep production schedules on track.

Zoo Digital CEO Stuart Green said: “The launch of our dedicated remote ADR service is a clear demonstration of Zoo Digital’s commitment to R&D and positions the business as a leading provider of end-to-end services to the entertainment industry in an expanding global market. Our team has built this new platform to deliver the most robust remote ADR service and support the rapidly changing requirements of our industry beyond the Covid-19 pandemic.”