The Farm Group plans to open a new facility in Los Angeles later this year.

Pencilled in for a third quarter launch, Farm LA will feature roughly 30 rooms providing editing, finishing, audio and grading.

The target audience will be both UK production companies based in the States and local producers doing episodic television work, including those making US versions of UK shows.

“Many of our clients are out there in LA making programmes we've made before, so it looks like a really good idea,” explained chief executive Nicky Sargent

“We want to grow but we don't want to become some huge corporation, and we're very happy with our market share in the UK. They're still spending money on television in the US and we'll be a bit different from local post providers as we'll offer pictures and sound post in one location.”

Farm LA staff will be made up of a combination of current Farm Group employees and local US artists and operators.

All the kit will be purchased from new and the £3 to £4 million required to set-up and furbish the new facility will come via a combination of cash and kit lease deals.

Premises are yet to be secured but the company has a shortlist of possible locations.