NEP Visions has become the first company in the world to buy the new PTO760 waveform monitor from DK-Technologies.

The PTO760 is four high-definition or standard-definition video waveform monitors in a single box that, after IBC 2008, will also check loudness and 5.1 surround sound.

Outside broadcaster NEP Visions has taken six two-channel units and will use them for, amongst other things, coverage of the Beijing Olympics.

Measuring and displaying four video signals at the same time the PTO760 has separate auto-sensing inputs that allow for the simultaneous display of individual waveform monitors showing the colours G, R, B, Y, Cb, Cr and luminance.

It also has a quad splitter that enables the user to view four simultaneous displays on a single external or internal screen.

Used by outside broadcast vehicles, production studios and master control rooms it is ideal for Camera Control Units (CCUs).

DK-Technologies, founded in Denmark in 1987 as DK-Audio, is a manufacturer of audio and video products for the broadcast and studio sector.