• Churchill's Secret
    Behind The Scenes

    Churchill's Secret, ITV


    ITV’s one-off drama reveals a hidden, vulnerable side to Britain’s WWII leader as he copes with family tragedy and encroaching old age.

  • Hitler
    Behind The Scenes

    The Day Hitler Died, ITV


    A treasure trove of archive interviews was the key to unlocking our Hitler doc. The next step was to rebuild his bunker, says Sue Summers

  • Ratings

    The Fincham years: ITV's ratings highs and lows


    Despite creative highs from Downton Abbey to Exposure’s Jimmy Savile doc, Peter Fincham couldn’t stem ITV’s ratings decline, says Stephen Price

    Behind The Scenes

    Beowulf, ITV


    The producers of ITV’s take on the Anglo-Saxon epic tell Olly Grant how they created a fantasy universe from scratch and made an ancient saga work for a modern audience

  • The Sound of Music Live, ITV
    Behind The Scenes

    The Sound of Music Live, ITV


    ITV’s live broadcast of the classic musical won’t shy away from drawing political parallels with today’s global crises, discovers Emily Norval

  • DOWNTON_EP7_55

    Ratings analysis: Downton Abbey, ITV


    Downton Abbey gave a huge boost to ITV’s Sunday night and Christmas Day ratings. Stephen Price assesses the period drama’s impact, and how the schedules will shape up now

  • the-garden credit Peter Searle
    The Broadcast Interview

    Nick Curwin and Magnus Temple, The Garden


    The fixed-rig pioneers talk to Chris Curtis about implementing a growth strategy while holding on to their core creative principles, life under ITV, and taking a ‘box-set approach’ to factual

  • Frankenstein
    Behind The Scenes

    The Frankenstein Chronicles, ITV


    Olly Grant hears how the team behind ITV Encore’s detective spin on Mary Shelley’s Gothic masterpiece recreated 1920s London across 40 Northern Ireland locations

  • GLITCHY_10
    Behind The Scenes

    Glitchy, ITV2


    With spoof programmes like Sun, Sea And Sex With My Parents, we wanted to gently send up the contemporary TV landscape, says executive producer James Longman

  • Jekyll & Hyde

    Jekyll & Hyde, ITV


    Talk of budgets often put a damper on your imagination when writing. On our ITV drama, that talk never happened, says Charlie Higson