• Behind The Scenes

    Behind the Scenes: Marcella, ITV


    The Bridge creator Hans Rosenfeldt has brought Scandinavian rhythms to our ‘London noir’, says Nicola Larder

  • The Secret

    Hot Picks: The Secret


    What could make two pillars of the community – a well-respected dentist and a Sunday school teacher – ditch their normal lives to become cold-blooded killers? That’s the question posed by Hat Trick’s three-part drama for ITV, The Secret.

  • Marcella

    Hot Picks: Marcella


    The meteoric rise of dark Scandinavian dramas including The Killing and Borgen paved the way for Swedish writer Hans Rosenfeldt to create global smash The Bridge in 2013.

  • Victoria

    Hot Picks: Victoria


    It seems unfair that Queen Victoria has become cemented in 21st century minds as the double-chinned, cranky looking sourpuss depicted in pictures of the time.

  • Behind The Scenes

    Maigret, ITV


    For ITV’s new Maigret adaptation, Ealing Studios recreated 1950s Paris in Budapest. Olly Grant met the cast and crew on set.

  • Behind The Scenes

    Britain's Whales and Sharks, ITV


    We had to wait 18 months for a whale to wash up on our shores, says Sarah Cunliffe. Then the sharks turned up…

  • Churchill's Secret
    Behind The Scenes

    Churchill's Secret, ITV


    ITV’s one-off drama reveals a hidden, vulnerable side to Britain’s WWII leader as he copes with family tragedy and encroaching old age.

  • Hitler
    Behind The Scenes

    The Day Hitler Died, ITV


    A treasure trove of archive interviews was the key to unlocking our Hitler doc. The next step was to rebuild his bunker, says Sue Summers

  • Ratings

    The Fincham years: ITV's ratings highs and lows


    Despite creative highs from Downton Abbey to Exposure’s Jimmy Savile doc, Peter Fincham couldn’t stem ITV’s ratings decline, says Stephen Price

    Behind The Scenes

    Beowulf, ITV


    The producers of ITV’s take on the Anglo-Saxon epic tell Olly Grant how they created a fantasy universe from scratch and made an ancient saga work for a modern audience