‘One of Celia’s greatest strengths is how seriously she takes duty of care. Her integrity and moral compass are second to none’

  • 29
  • Producer
  • Freelance

The producer of Candour Productions’ Bafta and Broadcast Digital Award-winning doc series Libby, Are You Home Yet?, Celia Jennison is “one of the most talented producers in the industry”, says series producer Josephine Besbrode.

Besbrode credits Jennison’s “hard work and dedication” for the success of the doc.

Working on the three-parter about the murder of Libby Squire, Jennison secured access to Libby’s family, friends, witnesses and Humberside Police, produced 30 interviews over eight weeks, took responsibility for contributor wellbeing, sourced and cleared archive material and made key decisions in the edit alongside Besbrode.

Besbrode calls her “tenacious, clever and creative” and praises her ability to turn dense political material into a simple and compelling story.

With a story that is clearly so personal and di cult for contributors, sensitivity and care was crucial to managing access and the production as a whole.

“One of Celia’s greatest strengths is how seriously she takes duty of care,” Besbrode says.

“She has reliable instincts for content, while always being mindful of the emotional impact that a documentary project can have on those involved, and she works tirelessly to ensure that they are supported throughout the process.

Next on the agenda are a four-part Disney+ series and a major doc for the BBC.