‘Someone like this comes along rarely and we should nurture her talent’

  • 26
  • Development producer
  • IWC Media

Connie Sneddon hit the ground running when she joined IWC Media as a development researcher nearly four years ago. Within a year, she had come up with the idea for a reality show in the youth-skewing space: The Agency: Unfiltered was greenlit by BBC Scotland and subsequently picked up by BBC3.

Pitching is one of Sneddon’s key strengths – last year, she secured a funded development from Channel 4 Lifestyle, and she recently confirmed her second commission following a successful pitch directly to the head of another channel.

IWC Media head of development Rahnak Patel says: “Connie’s pitching skills are masterful and she is a brilliant team player, inspiring junior and senior members of the team to come up with their best ideas.”

Series one of The Agency: Unfiltered scored a 6 x 30-minute run, and Sneddon then secured a bumper 10-episode run for series two, which she went on to story produce. She spotted the early potential in The Agency and worked hard to gain access to and build trust with contributors, creating a returning brand.

Sneddon also played a part in securing the commission of IWC’s Bafta-nominated true crime documentary Fred West: The Glasgow Girls, for Sky Crime. Working with hugely sensitive material, she was able to create a document that showed the ambition and scale of the project without overdramatising any imagery or information, demonstrating to Sky how IWC would achieve this sensitivity.

Patel says: “Connie is that rare find: a great pitcher, ideas generator, formatter, access negotiator and caster. Someone like this comes along rarely and we should nurture her talent.”