“The scale and quality of this series is immense. It’s exactly the kind of production that broadcasters want”


Distributor Sonar Entertainment
Producer Bavaria Fiction
Length 8 x 60 minutes
Broadcaster Sky Deutschland

Das Boot is a high-end, eight-part TV series set during World War II, which focuses mainly on the story of a German submarine crew.

The tale begins about six months after the events depicted in the classic movie of the same name – itself based on a novel by Lothar-Günther Buchheim.

The series follows the crew of the fictional U612 U-boat as they leave their home port for enemy territory. A second story focuses on La Rochelle, where the Resistance is fighting the German occupying forces.

The series is a ¤26m (£23m) co-production between Sky Deutschland, Bavaria Fiction and Sonar Entertainment, which has all rights outside Sky’s five broadcast territories (Germany, Austria, UK, Ireland and Italy).

Though primarily shot in German and French, David Ellender, Sonar Entertainment president of global distribution and co-productions, is confident it will sell worldwide.

“The scale and quality of this production is immense,” he says. “It’s exactly the kind of undeniable, instantly recognisable production that broadcasters want, and we will soon be ready to announce a deal in North America as well as another substantial agreement in mainland Europe.”

Although the show is set during WWII, Ellender believes it has contemporary relevance. “Fundamentally, it’s an anti-war story – touching on subjects like borders, identity, fake news and migration,” he says.

Bavaria Fiction executive producer, international series, Moritz Polter is equally effusive. “The drama is packed full of international talent, in front of and behind the camera,” he says.

“It has been an incredible undertaking. We shot for 105 days in four countries – Czechia, Germany, France and Malta – which has resulted in a drama masterpiece.”

The show will premiere at the end of 2018. The story has been left open-ended to allow scope for follow-up seasons.

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