How the industry might harness generative AI and ChatGPT

GenAI scriptwriting

This podcast episode is a recording of a speaker session from the AI Creative Summit, held at BFI Southbank, London, in November.

The session, called Generative AI & the Art of Storytelling, looks at where Artificial Intelligence can push the boundaries of storytelling; how it disrupts traditional methods of conveying a narrative; and how the industry might harness generative AI and ChatGPT.

The panellists talk about how AI will be the catalyst for new forms of storytelling – bringing illustrations to life, creating immersive theatre environments, adding the ability to speak to characters in a narrative context, and more.


Talking about their current use of AI, one of the panellists says their whole team has to use it every day, for everything from mundane tasks to generating short form video scripts, for which they say it does a great job.

The panel’s use of AI includes for creating post-production deep fakes to make someone speak in different languages and recording professional-sounding voiceover from a smartphone microphone.

The panel also talks about the ability to monetise the use of AI by selling prompts to get the most out of GenAI for generating scripts, and how certain jobs in the industry including rotoscoping will likely to replaced by AI. More specifically, one panellist says AI will not steal your jobs but people who know how to use it may.

Another panellist believes AI will eventually be better than us at making TV programmes and “might even kill us, but we might as well enjoy it while it lasts”.


Guy Gadney, Co-Founder & CEO -

Eline van der Velden, CEO & Founder - Particle6

Alex Hryniewicz, Director of Content - Little Dot Studios

Chair: John Cassy, CEO & Founder - Factory 42