McGechie was formerly the chief product officer

Estelle McGechie Atomos

Atomos has promoted Estelle McGechie to CEO. 

McGechie has worked with Atomos since the first Atomos Ninja, but only came on fully board as chief product officer in June 2021. She will now return to Melbourne, Australia after a long career in the US with the likes of The Walt Disney Company, Apple, and Logitech. Most recently, she was vice president of marketing.

While at Apple, McGechie oversaw worldwide product development and marketing of professional video applications such as Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Compressor, in addition to further developing Apple technologies of ProRes and ProRes RAW, XML, FxPlug, and Workflow Extensions.

She has also worked with major broadcasters such as ABC, NBC and CNN, with film companies such as Sony and FOX Studios, as well as many popular YouTubers during her career to date.

Chris Tait, Atomos’ executive chair, said: “After Estelle’s appointment as Chief Product Officer in June this year she quickly demonstrated to the board and her peers the ability to deliver on our strategy. Her signature collaborative style and rigorous approach to developing and bringing video technology products and services to market is a great fit for Atomos at this important stage of our strategic roadmap. We are thrilled she has taken on the CEO role and welcome her back home to Australia.”

Deputy Chair Stephen Stanley added: “In line with Estelle’s appointment, Chris Tait will revert to the role of Non-Executive Chair. We would like to thank Chris sincerely for his additional efforts over the past 18 months after taking on increased responsibility during the height of the COVID crisis.”

McGechie herself commented: “I’m excited to take the helm at Atomos to help drive the Company to new heights and further deliver on our vision. Our founder, Jeromy Young built Atomos into a global business with exceptional world-first video technology products and services. It’s an honour to lead this extraordinary organization alongside our dedicated employees, the executive team, the board, and a community of customers who are so deeply committed to their craft. I look forward to bringing everything I’ve learnt from my international career home to Australia to continue our positive momentum.”