Audio Design Desk has also released v1.3 of the platform, named Audio Design Desk Collaborate and frame

Audio Design Desk and have announced a new integration between their services.  

Users can pull video assets and frame-accurate comments directly from into Audio Design Desk for creating sound and music for video. They can also upload their work to for collaborative review and feedback without leaving the timeline.  

Users can connect the two to import video assets and frame-accurate comments directly from into to quickly add sound effects, audio design and music for video. They can pull from’s library of 2,500 free sounds (or 25,000 for paying customers) or import their own sounds to build soundscapes for their videos using’s AI-assisted creative tools.  

When the review is complete, users can then export and upload their sound-designed video to for review, then back into, with notes. Using’s Version Stacks, artists can provide options for their clients so they can compare, side-by-side, different sound design or music cues options. 

In addition, Audio Design Desk has released the latest version of their app, Audio Design Desk Collaborate. It includes perpetual licensing at $399 (£301.86), a modern AI-assisted importer, and an optimised codebase that improves performance by 70%.  

Gabe Cowan, co-founder and CEO of Audio Design Desk, said of the news: “Using’s Version Stacks, clients can now review and compare different sound and music cues against one another from virtually any online device, anywhere in the world. 

“Plus, we’re releasing a number of new features and updates in v1.3, including a rewrite of the underlying audio code, which now performs up to 70% faster, a more powerful importer, and perpetual licensing for our platform, one of the biggest requests from our community.”