Real-time tracking system partners with Panasonic at NAB to showcase its potential for TV market

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Real-time tracking specialists BlackTrax is expanding its video solutions from the events to the broadcast TV market.

BlackTrax has joined forces with Panasonic at NAB to showcase its real-time tracking system for broadcast.

The system can be seen in the Smart Studio Corner, which features next-generation studio subsystems that offer higher efficiency and labour-saving technology.

BlackTrax delivers streaming 3D and 6D positional data to controllers for targeting the connected automated robotic technologies already used extensively in event and entertainment production.

Highlighted solutions for broadcast include automated tracking of performers using BlackTrax real-time tracking and Panasonic 8K ROI; presentation of augmented reality (AR) using AW-UE150W/K + Tecnopoint S.R.L. robotics and Brainstorm’s InfinitySet virtual set and augmented reality solution; and the construction of IP network studio using Live Production Suite (LPS), an MoIP system.