Vena is compatible with existing systems and supply chains, as well as future platforms and technologies.

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BT Media & Broadcast has launched Vena, a smart broadcast network that supports needs across production and distribution for live, streaming and data and integrated Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). 

Aimed at major sports broadcasters, broadcast service providers and production companies, Vena tries to bring resilience and reliability to users by proactively looking after high-definition broadcast video and high-volume data feeds through analysing the greatest levels of availability, re-routing where and when necessary to ensure content reaches its destination and faults are addressed quickly.

Vena also provides real-time, single pane snapshots of network performance, with self-serve portals enabling instant configuration. The network’s operating system is cloud-based, meaning decentralised management and ensuring engaging content can be produced in and distributed to all corners of the UK.

Faisal Mahomed, director of BT Media and Broadcast, said: “We’ve developed Vena to empower organisations to evolve in an industry that is changing rapidly. Customer expectations are increasing while their behaviour is shifting to more on-demand content, and broadcasters and media companies need to adapt for these new forms of media consumption.

“With our Vena launch, we’re able to provide a smart broadcast network compatible with current and future technologies. Delivering end-to-end, Vena provides greater ability and oversight giving organisations more control about how they produce content, reducing the time and resources needed to get great content to our screens. Vena will form the backbone of broadcast technology for generations to come.”