Post-production house created cloud-based frame-rate conversion tool now available online

Coda Conversion logo

Post-production house Coda has created a new automated frame-rate conversion tool that is now available as a cloud-based service that can be used by anyone.

The Charlotte Street facility said it devised the product – called Coda Conversion – to be straightforward to use, cost-effective and provide high-quality conversions.

The post house developed Coda Conversion in-house, building it “from the ground up, to simplify frame-rate conversion and make it as easy to understand as WeTransfer,” said head of operations Tom Woodall.

“It enables customers to upload their content and simply select what the desired output file needs to be. Our AI understands the best conversion to perform and carries it out, notifying the client when the file is ready to download again. It uses world-renowned file-based frame-rate conversion hardware and software to do the conversion.”

Coda Conversion is priced per output minute, with a separate price for HD and 4K UHD – £2.50 per HD minute and £6 per UHD minute.

It enables users to choose between different frame rates and codecs and can also be up- and down-converted between HD and 4K UHD.

“The way we’ve built Coda Conversion, we can easily add in new resolutions and codecs too,” said Woodall. “It’s aimed at broadcast productions, so deliberately has a streamlined set of options that will be useful for these projects but doesn’t overcomplicate the process with rarely required options. The next option we’re likely to add is 8K up-conversions.”

The tool is available at