Coffee and TV’s CGI work on Sky Creative’s promo

Sky sports1

Client Sky Creative

Post Coffee and TV

Brief Use CGI to create a perfect environment for a dramatic shot at goal by Tottenham Hotspur’s Harry Kane.

How it was done Coffee and TV’s animation team used photographs and reference video, taken at the Tottenham vs West Ham match, to study what a crowd does in a moment of high drama. The artists then created a crowd of 90,000 people to add into the CGI stadium. The scene was further embellished with LED screens, advertising boards, flags and marshals. The grass on the pitch was recreated to match the real lighting and all the elements in the scene were rendered to produce a photorealistic shot. Harry Kane and players from both teams were composited in Flame, complete with optical aberrations and light leakage emulating the 2:1 anamorphic lenses used for the spot.

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