Local council grants planning permission

Elstree Studios 2 New Stages

Elstree Studios has won planning permission from Hertsmere Borough Council to build two new large stages, as well as workshops and offices.

The new stages will be located in the space at Elstree Studios previously taken up by the Big Brother.

Elstree Studios revealed the plans for the new stages last year, following the cancellation of Big Brother.

The permission follows Sky unveiling plans late last year to build a new studio complex, Sky Studios, on a large site a short distance from Elstree Studios.

Between them, Sky Studios Elstree, BBC Studioworks, and Elstree Studios will house at least 26 film and TV stages in Borehamwood/ Elstree.

Elstree Studios is the home to Netflix production The Crown and TV shows such as Strictly Come Dancing, The Voice and League of Their Own.

Television technical facilities are provided at Elstree Studios by BBC Studioworks.