The post house’s on-set workflow team is relocating after an expansion of its services and team

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Envy’s on-set workflow team Capture is opening its HQ in Bristol. Capture offers fixed rig record; media management; archive; and on-set DIT services.

The division was originally created at the beginning of 2021, but has outgrown its initial home and is expanding into a new custom-fitted base.

Bristol was chosen as the new home for Capture due to its reputation for creating programming using cutting-edge technology.

Ricky Martin, head of technical operations, said: “This next landmark in the short history of Capture is extremely exciting. The success of the division has meant we already need to expand, and with a new base designed to our specifications, in a different city, comes a whole host of new opportunities as well as the dedicated space to further develop our current offerings in the market.”

Toby Weller, lead engineer, adds: “Capture is always advancing our services ahead of the industry’s ever-increasing necessity for scale and creativity – our new Bristol base is a tremendous leap for us to be able to react to this and continue to develop the most cost-effective, innovative and intelligent solutions out there.”

Dave Cadle, CEO, Envy, said: “Envy’s fixed rig business Capture is a major investment for us, and the team have made a brilliant start to their first year. They bring a lot of experience on the fixed rig side of things and moving the expanding department to Bristol is perfect timing.

“For me, the team stands out massively with their total understanding of clients’ needs. The combination of their experience together with the support and resource from our creative teams are a massive benefit for our clients to draw on. The investment for Capture to move to their own site was easy to make and Bristol has many opportunities for growth for Envy.”