The deadline for submissions is 19 April

Freefolk internship logo

Freefolk has launched its third annual internship scheme, Future Folk.  

Open to all VFX students, pre or post-graduate, the initiative aims to find new talent for the industry in any sphere – from animators, to CG generalists, to FX TD or superstar compers, and more.  

Entrants will need to compile a two minute reel of their best work, and send it in before the deadline - midnight on 19 April. One male-identifying and one female-identifying VFX student will then be chosen for the one-month paid work placements taking place this summer.  

The scheme has now been running for three years, and former winner, animator Amy Wright, had this to say about the opportunity she gained: “I am incredibly grateful for having the opportunity to get my foot in the door with the Fufurefolk scheme.”  

“I happily returned back to Freefolk as a part-time freelancer after I completed my internship and everyone was very understanding of my tough schedule alongside my university studies. It would have been significantly more challenging to find a way into the industry without this opportunity and I would recommend it to anyone in a similar position.” 

Freefolk is a Soho-based VFX house, and works in advertising, film, TV, and music. You can enter the scheme through their website.