PortaCam Lite allows experts to connect remotely with news broadcasters to comment on stories

PortaCam Lite - used with lighting

Broadcast tech firm Globelynx has launched a new generation ‘TV studio in a box’, a small IP-based camera that allows experts to connect remotely with news broadcasters to comment on stories.

PortaCam Lite is billed as a portable, self-operated camera system that will give a wider range of experts a low-cost entry point to deliver live TV news interviews.

Users can frame, focus and light their own shots in a location of their choice, and then broadcast over Globelynx’s platform.

It has an inbuilt encoder, HD camera with wide dynamic range capability, and supports broadcasting over WiFi and cellular networks. The PortaCam Lite has an eight inch screen and is designed to fit into an aeroplane’s hand luggage compartment.

PortaCam Lite

Globelynx managing director John Holliday said: “Up until now, our cameras systems have been most attractive to larger organisations like financial companies and universities.”

Holliday added: “PortaCam Lite opens the opportunity for more individual experts to place these systems in their homes and take them on working trips. This in turn should give networks greater access to a much broader range of subject matter specialists to add context to the biggest stories of the day – using a system that reflects the quality of their contribution.”

Globelynx’s customers include Bank of America, Lloyds of London and the University of Oxford.