Rental house ES Broadcast buys 151 of Grass Valley’s LDX 86N camera to prepare for major sporting events in 2020


Rental house ES Broadcast has invested in 151 of Grass Valley’s LDX 86N 4K UHD cameras.

Grass Valley said it was the biggest single purchase of its LDX 86N cameras to date, and that the deal also included 15 Kahuna production switchers.

Watford-based ES Broadcast has invested in the kit to prepare for major sporting events in 2020 and to meet increasing demand for UHD.

The cameras deliver native 4K UHD and 3G/HD image capture, while optional IP outputs will provide ES Broadcast’s clients with a migration path from SDI to IP.

Ben Murphy, managing director, ES Broadcast commented: “The LDX 86N is one of the most advanced cameras on the market. We already have a significant fleet of UHD cameras, and this is our next phase of development.”

Grass Valley’s President, Tim Shoulders, commented, “A commitment of this scale simply cannot be made without strong collaboration between our customer and us. ES Broadcast’s clearly defined needs were the catalyst and we used an “all hands on deck” approach to ensure we were able to meet them.”