Consolidation in the AV test and measurement market as UK-based firm bought by Japan’s Leader

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Leader Electronics Corporation has acquired UK-based Phabrix, a global manufacturer of video and audio broadcast test and measurement instruments.

Headquartered in Japan, Leader also designs and manufactures test and measurement instruments.

Formed in 2005, Phabrix employs a dedicated team of R&D, sales, manufacturing, support, and administration personnel, operating from its headquarters in the UK.

The acquisition will see both companies continue with existing product lines and development plans, joining forces to expand sales presence worldwide.

Phabrix managing director Phillip Adams said: “Phabrix is delighted to join the growing Leader team. Both companies have much to gain from each other; both putting design and engineering expertise at the heart of development. With our combined talent and complementary product lines, together with a greater geographical reach, it’s going to be a very exciting future for staff, customers and our global distribution partners.”

Kozo Nagao, CEO at Leader Electronics Corporation, said: “With our rapidly evolving industry, it’s important to future-proof our product development capabilities. Uniting Phabrix’s and Leader’s talented development teams provides the increased momentum required to address the changing landscape of customer needs. Phabrix brings to Leader extensive IP, HDR and UHD knowledge and a highly competitive portfolio of handheld and rack-mounted instruments.”