Start-up argues that revenues from digital distribution could be increased by at least 10% with better asset management

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The former CEO of VoD aggregator MoMedia, Lucas Bertrand, has launched a new data analytics platform for the VoD market called Looper Insights.

The new company provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology to film and TV rights-owners and VoD stores, saying it will allow them to ‘take control of their IP assets’.

Looper Insights believes that revenue from digital distribution could be increased by at least 10% with better visibility, management, and optimisation of film and TV assets on VoD stores.

Bertrand said: “E-commerce has evolved to offer excellent user interfaces and top-class analytics that benefit all parties, but entertainment distribution simply hasn’t kept pace. It’s clear that the future of VOD distribution is smart and autonomous, but at this point distributors are flying blind. Looper Insights will help them realise the full earnings potential of their IP”.

Developed in-house for the film and TV industries, Looper Insights’ proprietary technology allows IP owners to see, manage and optimise their titles, enabling the management of availability, pricing, packaging and placement in each market and across each store.

Among other functions, the platform allows companies to track and optimise merchandising, optimise artwork, drive social media ROI and make distribution, pricing and marketing decisions based on sales trends analysed with AI and machine learning tools.

Before launching Looper Insights, Bertrand was CEO of VOD aggregator MoMedia, which specialised in documentaries, independent films and children’s content to iTunes, Google Play, Netflix and Amazon. The company also worked with entertainment brands including DreamWorks and Hasbro.

The development of Looper Insight’s software has been funded by a consortium of private investors. New venture capital partners are due to be announced in the coming weeks.