It will be used for the JBTV Revolution Television Virtual Music Festival 12-14 February.


Multiview Media has launched its multi camera-angle OTT streaming platform with a partnership American music television programme JBTV.

Powered by Verizon Media Technology, the platform allows viewers to choose what they see from multiple camera angles, which in the music industry could mean switching from being on stage with the band, to close-ups of the crowd, or specific band members, etc.

Multiview Media’s offering can be used both for live events and on-demand content.

The UK company’s partnership with JBTV, the longest-running American music television programme, starts this weekend with the broadcast of the JBT Revolution Television Virtual Music Festival, 12-14 February. The Smashing Pumpkins, Fall Out Boy, Filter, Atlas Genius, The Joy Formidable, Failure and many more feature in the virtual concert.

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It will be broadcast via TVs and on smartphones and tablets, in the multi-camera angle format.

CEO of Multiview Media, Ray Meadham, said: “Our focus is on providing the best possible engagement and experience for music fans, during a time when people are streaming and consuming more content than ever before - expecting something new and innovative.

“Not only that, but our technology provides the music industry with a new commercial opportunity to either repackage archive content or broadcast live shows in a format that could be monetised.”

Peter Bowers, the executive producer of JBTV, added: “We are very excited to bring the JBTV ethos of breaking bands for 30 years to the world with our partners in the UK,  Multiview Media. Its multi-angle and multi-stage player technology is perfectly suited for delivering our live classic performances of the JBTV experience.

“We are looking forward to working with Multiview Media in what will be a long-term partnership, and ultimately delivering to the fans the most interactive way to enjoy our shows.”