The company will now trade as Pebble

Pebble rebrand

Pebble Beach Systems has announced a rebrand aahead of its 21st year in business.

The automation, content management and integrated channel specialist will now trade as Pebble, and focus on the company’s people, process, and technology. A new responsive website will also be launched, and the tagline, ’Discovering. Designing. Delivering.’

Founded in 2000, Pebble develops and supplies broadcast automation, integrated channel and content management solutions for TV broadcasters, service providers, and cable and satellite operators.

Marketing manager Alison Pavitt explained the rebrand: “Now more than ever, it’s clear that customers and partners are looking to build ongoing relationships with suppliers. The foundations for those relationships are built from the moment they first engage, and they strengthen throughout the lifetime of each unique project until the customer takes their system on air and then continues to be part of the Pebble community, participating in user group meetings and refreshing their skills at regular training events.”

CEO Peter Mayhead added: “There are multiple reasons behind our decision to take the step to rebrand. The company has undergone a significant transformation in all areas.”

He continued: “Our strength lies in our ability to leverage our people, our process and our technology to provide exceptional solutions to the broadcast community, and put simply, the old branding no longer reflected this.”