Storm provided fully remote post-production for BBC’s The A-Z of Eurovision (TX 16 May), including remote collaboration between multiple edits and locations and same-day delivery.

The remote services provided by Storm included file ingest, tape ingest, archive management, offline edit, voice-over, audio mix, online edit, grading, graphics, QC and delivery.

Editors connected directly to Storm’s Avids via remote software, using Nvidia-accelerated ultra low-latency remote desktops.

They had full access to the facility’s Nexis shared environment and producers could collaborate in real-time with the editor’s Avid.

Together with conferencing calling, this completed the editor-producer relationship, says Storm, as if they were together in the same room/building.

Similarly, the online editors were connected directly to the onlines at Storm, finishing on DaVinci Resolve and having access to the shared network.

Grade 1 monitors were set-up locally at each editor’s home, and the live timeline was shared directly to the client, using a remote desktop solution.

Rushes were backed-up and synced to Storm’s servers, while media was available on nearline storage.

Newtek’s NDI platform was used to stream (via video conferencing such as Zoom) the Avid output directly to producers when requierd.

A voice-over record (to picture) session was setup between Rylan Clark-Neal’s house and Storm’s dubbing mixer’s home studio. This utilised Source Elements, Zoom/Skype calls, and a direct audio feed from Pro Tools and live picture on-screen.



Assistant editor: Egli Keli

Dubbing mixer: Tim Wheeler

Finishing editor: Paul Ingvarsson

Post producing team: Anna Beaven, Becky Niblett