Award-winning music and sound company starts workshops at Bristol’s Bottle Yard Studios for aspiring sound and music creators.


Music and sound company Radium is launching new professional workshops this month focused kickstarting the careers of aspiring freelance sound and music creators.

Based at Bristol’s Bottle Yard Studio, Radium’s Sonic Data and Sonic Motion workshops will take place at the company’s 3,600 sq ft production hub in Bristol, during September and October.

Radium says these short, intensive courses will offer practical exploration of creative and technical approaches to sound and music, coupled with guidance on how to improve commercial skills and effectively negotiate business terms with clients.

Radium founder Andrew Diey said: “We’ve noticed a general lack of provision of current, real-world guidance for aspiring music and sound professionals to get their careers on the right track for growth.”

Founded in 2007, Radium creates sound and music for film trailers, game trailers and TV campaigns for international titles including Sicario 2: Soldado; Battlefield 5; Bladerunner 2049; Black Panther; Avengers 3: Infinity War; Game of Thrones and Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom.

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