The system was created by recording and ADR mixer Milos Stojanovic to ensure a high-quality environment for remote/home-based recordings

Freelance recordist and ADR mixer Milos Stojanovic has created a portable system to ensure a high-quality acoustic environment for remote voice recording.

The system – Voice Ark – can be easily transported and set up anywhere and makes it possible for remote recording sessions to take place in much more predictable acoustic environments than has been the case to date.

Voice Ark has been designed for remote ADR and voiceover recording, and, Stojanovic says, can be easily set up within an existing space.

The video below and images above show it being assembled.

The system consists of a portable booth and professional-grade studio equipment running Pro Tools Ultimate 2020.

For a standard ADR session, recording is done with a boom and clip configuration. Voice Ark offers both on-site and remote configurations and, Stojanovic says, “successfully bridges the gap in sound quality between the studio and ordinary rooms/offices.”

He said: “As we all know in March 2020 our world changed dramatically due to Covid-19. Productions more or less stopped shooting completely and post-production shifted largely to remote working. For ADR this proved to be a particular challenge and is still the way many sessions are conducted. Voice Ark allows for either on-site operation where it’s safe to do so, in a production office, a hotel room, or a soundstage, or a remote configuration where it is controlled from my London studio. In both scenarios anyone attending in person or virtually is able to monitor the session with both picture and sound and be presented with select take combinations on the fly, just like in a traditional studio session.”