Cloud editing and publishing being used by Belgian broadcaster

De-Tafel-van-Vier-S1_Original-Image_m7443 SBS Belgium

SBS Belgium has implemented Blackbird’s cloud production technology.

The broadcaster, which is owned by Telenet, runs the channels Play4, Play5, Play6, Play7 and streaming platform GoPlay.

It will now use Blackbird for cloud native video editing and publishing, which will allow its content operations team to immediately access streams, seconds behind live, from anywhere. Users can then utilise the platform’s professional grade toolset to edit content and publish to multiple digital endpoints including social, web and OTT platforms. 

It runs the Blackbird system through a hybrid mix of cloud and on premise infrastructure.

Stijn Vandecasteele, content operations manager at SBS Belgium, said: “Blackbird has made our live stream content available to our digital and marketing teams in a fast and accessible way. Thanks to this improvement in our workflow, the best moments from our live shows have found their way to our social media channels in no time, adding an additional layer of value to our content.”

Blackbird CEO, Ian McDonough, added: ”We’re thrilled to welcome another leading media organization to the Blackbird community. SBS Belgium is one of a fast growing number of forward thinking companies seeking to create and publish content faster and more efficiently with cloud native production tools. It’s our pleasure to be working with their innovative team.”