Users will be able to invite friends and family to join them remotely

Sceenic Arcadyan watch together

Sceenic and Arcadyan have partnered to bring the former’s Watch Together technology to the latter’s set-top boxes.

Arcadyan’s new set-top boxes will be pre-integrated with Sceenic’s solution, meaning that users can invite friends and family to join them remotely.

The set-top box will include a camera and microphone to assist this, allowing viewers to chat remotely while watching a shared TV experience.

Vice president of sales and marketing at Arcadyan Technology, Raymond Hsiung, said: “Continuing to work and develop products with the end-user in mind, we’ve pursued a high-quality technology development that ensures consumers get a rich and enjoyable experience from our products.

“The implementation of the latest innovations, such as the Watch Together solution, powered by Sceenic, allows the users of our set-top boxes to share unique moments with their family and friends.”

Jonathen Williams, Sceenic COO, added: “The integration of Sceenic Watch Together SDK inside Arcadyan’s set-top boxes is another milestone for us to bring the best Watch Together experience a step closer to the end-user experience.

“Partners like Arcadyan are vital to our vision of bringing people closer together through their favourite content and platforms, this time by making it available on the  big screen.”