Oscar winning sound facility choses Harman’s JBL 7 Series reference monitors for its Pinewood-based studio



Oscar winning audio facility Sound 24 has upgraded its Pinewood-based studio to an immersive Dolby Atmos mix room.

The facility has chosen Harman’s JBL 7 Series reference monitors for all monitoring; front, surround and overhead. The system incorporates JBL’s new Intonato 24 monitor controller for Atmos. All were supplied by reseller Jigsaw 24.

Sound 24’s Glenn Freemantle picked up a 2014 Oscar for best sound editing on Gravity, while partner Niv Adiri shared the award for best achievement in sound mixing on the same movie.

Adiri explained: “We have used the room for many years with a different sound system and while it translated well, it was always lacking clarity in the dialogue and spot effects — you didn’t quite know what you were going to get.”

Freemantle added: “The dialogue now sounds great and it’s very filmic — the sound is big and not harsh and when you sit down it’s comfortable and exciting.”