Global survey reveals 5G’s potential applications within broadcast and production, with 92% of those surveyed expecting to ramp up their use of 5G over the coming 24 months

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A survey of international broadcasters has found 92% expect they will be ready to adopt 5G in a meaningful way within the next 24 months. The 92% breaks down as 39% saying they will be ready within a year, with the other 53% reporting they will need another year to be ready to make use of 5G.

Currently, just short of half (46%) of broadcasters have taken the opportunity to test the capabilities of 5G within their organisation.

Considering the potential uses for 5G, almost two-thirds (65%) of broadcasters taking part in the survey would look to use it for remote production, while 61% would investigate the potential of 5G as a potential replacement for DTT, satellite or cable.

Broadcasters would also consider using 5G technologies for OTT services (33%) and contribution (29%).

The survey was carried out by OnePoll on behalf of Nevion.

Nevoid chief technologist Andy Rayner said: “It’s positive that broadcasters are expecting to move forward at pace with 5G. However, there is still a lot of work to be done before it can be implemented into live environments, and given the current climate worldwide, testing and developments may have slowed down.

“Over the next year or so, it will be a case of broadcasters looking in earnest at the potential of 5G in the value chain and testing the technology’s capabilities within their organisations – something over half of broadcasters are yet to do. Even though the infrastructure isn’t quite there yet, 5G’s use for remote production could be extremely beneficial in the future.”