Greening Of Streaming founder claims to cut cloud costs by 67%

Synamedia Quortex

Synamedia has acquired just-in-time live streaming company Quortex. 

Using a patented ’pay-as-you-stream’ model, Quortex provides exactly the resources required at any given time instead of keeping resources available just in case. The product is designed for use with any live streaming provider, including telcos, cable operators, D2C players, and broadcasters.

This has environmental and cost benefits, with the company a founding member of Greening of Streaming, an organisation created to encourage energy efficiency in the broadcast industry. It also claims to reduce cloud costs by up to 67% on long tail content.

Quortex was founded in Rennes, France, in 2018 and its UK and France employees will be joining Synamedia. It has over 100 patents, and will continue to operate under its own brand.

Synamedia will use this acquisition to enhance its cloud Video Network capabilities, complementing its VIVID Workflow as-a-Service (WaaS) with solutions for OTT content processing, disaster recovery, long tail content processing for large service providers, and live events.

Julien Signes, EVP and general manager of Video Network at Synamedia, said: “By pioneering just-in-time video streaming processing and delivery, Quortex has broken new ground with live services that dynamically spring to life when processing a user request. This radical change in the economics of cloud processing will accelerate the migration of live video services to the cloud. We see enormous potential as we expand Quortex’s reach globally - for the fast-growing D2C live streaming market as well as our traditional service provider customer base who want to reduce infrastructure costs and meet their CO2 reduction commitments.”

Marc Baillavoine, CEO and founder of Quortex, added: “With our breakthrough just-in-time approach, we have turned the live streaming model on its head, ditching the need to wastefully provision streaming resources just-in-case. We believe that with Synamedia’s global reach and complementary product lines, we can accelerate our mission to transform the agility and cost of streaming and slash its carbon footprint.”