Episode #4 of the Broadcast Tech Talks podcast series is with BBC sports and news presenter Gavin Ramjaun

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Up until a month or so ago, being a sports presenter was a fairly predictable role, reporting on the day’s live sports. Like everything else in life right now, coronavirus has turned the role of sports presenter and journalist on its head. Coronavirus has become the subject matter, and in particular how it’s devastated the sporting calendar of 2020.

In the latest Broadcast Tech Talks podcast, BBC sports and news presenter Gavin Ramjaun talks about the impact of the pandemic on his day-to-day role - what life is like inside the TV studio at this time, and what the future holds for sports broadcasting over the coming months.

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He also reveals how, as a relative tech-novice, he went about creating his own home recording studio to record his popular men’s health and wellbeing podcast, ManZilla, which is helping spread positivity in these challenging times.

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