The post-production house brings forward the launch of its TechStream app to fulfil client needs during the pandemic

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Technicolor has launched an app called TechStream that remotely provides clients with a secure view into a colour grading session or VFX review.

It is dubbing it “The post suite in the palm of your hand.”

TechStream enables colourists and VFX artists to mirror sessions securely to up to six consecutive streams, making it possible for those with a 5-digit security key (which is emailed to directors, cinematographers, film-makers, etc by Technicolor an hour before a session begins) to login, view and collaborate in real-time on grading and VFX work in progress. A stereo audio mix of the work is also played during the session.

Technicolor had planned to launch the app later in the year, but has brought forward the launch date due to the new ways of working during lockdown.

The app, which is available on the iOS App store, works via mobile network and doesn’t need WiFi to operate correctly.

The TechStream app is available now and Technicolor says it has more than 20 clients using it already. It’s currently only available on iPads and iPhones but Technicolor is planning to support additional operating systems and devices “in the coming weeks.”