Performances and events held at the physical space are streamed direct to fans, with fans appearing live on screens at the Yoop eSpace


Direct-to-fan specialist Yoop is opening a number of ‘interactive virtual venues’ in the UK. 

The Yoop eSpace venue enables creators to perform and distribute interactive, virtual content to fans on a pay-per-view basis.

The Yoop eSpace events feature live video and audio interaction between artists and fans where fans can appear virtually on-stage via digital screens.

The camera angles, sound setup, and other logistic details are specifically designed for online and interactive live entertainment.

The platform and physical venue are customisable for a wide range of event types, including concerts, athletic events, and interactive interviews.

Fans can buy access to Yoop eSpace events through the Yoop app or via Each event provides a 24-hour replay option, and it’s also possible to run a hosted event for private audiences.

Yoop told Broadcast it will have production capabilities in the greater London area and around Manchester and will monitor demand with the aim of opening further hubs.