“Life Stripped Bare was an hour of utter nonsense.”

Life Stripped Bare

Life Stripped Bare, Channel 4

“Life Stripped Bare was an hour of utter nonsense. Nobody found it difficult, or eye-opening, or anything other than a tiresome confirmation of how endlessly banteriffic they were. Everyone was simply doing it for the LOLs. The tedious, tedious LOLs.”
Stuart Heritage, The Guardian

“Life Stripped Bare was supposed to be a show about getting rid of all the extraneous possessions and needless tat in our lives, but it failed because it was simply too cluttered. Messy, unfocused and puerile, a programme which should have been thought-provoking frequently made no sense.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

“Never mind the gratuitous nudity or anti-consumerist message – surely Life Stripped Bare’s most shocking reveal was that so many under-35s are proud owners of overgrown baby suits. At the first flash of exposed flesh – and there were many flashes – any aspiration towards serious sociological inquiry fluttered into the blue yonder like Y-fronts in a hurricane.”
Ed Power, The Telegraph

“My only quarrel with B is for Book, Sam Benstead’s magical film about how children learn to read, is that it did not pause long enough to mourn what children lose by beginning to read the world rather than simply experiencing it. Overall, however, he did justice to what was a lovely and original idea.”
Andrew Billen, The Times