New BBC documentary about Instagram is instantly customised to the preferences and mood of the viewer

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The BBC has launched a new personalised documentary about Instagram, called Instagramification, which automatically adapts the focus and content of the production based on the viewer’s mood and preferences.

It begins by asking you a few questions – including whether you want to be entertained or informed; whether you care about celebrity culture – and then the different sections of the programme are pieced together and seamlessly streamed to create the complete production.

The personalisation of Instagramification has been created by BBC Research and Development. It says: “Each viewer experiences the documentary based on a combination of their mood, personal preferences and the choices they make, seeing a slightly different version of the story assembled just for them – even with different presenters based on how you answered the questions.”

The customisation of the production is made possible through object-based media, which intelligently adapts itself around your preferences. BBC Research and Development believes this could be used in the future to enable BBC programmes “to build themselves around what the BBC knows about the person watching.”

You can try Instagramification for yourself at

You can also find out more about the process of making the personalised documentary at