Connected Futures will showcase potential of 5G technology for audiences, visitor attractions, investors and public services


A day long showcase of 5G is being held in Bristol on 16th March, unveiling the results of a 5G testbed in the city

Connected Futures will showcase the potential of 5G technology for audiences, visitor attractions, investors and public services.

It marks the culmination of a year-long project of new 5G technology developed by University of Bristol Smart Lab, and will bring together the SMEs who have been working to demonstrate the potential of 5G.

Visitors will be able to test virtual reality through to augmented reality to 360° video and locative media, enabled by 5G.

Among the exhibitors, BBC R&D will demonstrate the potential of augmented reality with a high bandwidth network, building on their 5G trial at the Roman Baths in Bath of an app developed with Aardman Animation, which combined virtual reality and augmented reality content to bring three periods of the Bath’s history to life.

Meanwhile, Landmrk will take visitors on interactive, 360 video-guided tour around Bristol, highlighting the contrast between 4G and 5G capabilities.

Mativision and InterDigital will demonstrate how 5G can overcome current barriers to multiple users experiencing shared content in sync through cost-efficient 5G network technologies.

Other exhibitors include Smartify, Mo-Sys and Zeetta Networks.

The 5G Smart Tourism project is led by the West of England Combined Authority, and funded by Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport. It brings together 19 organisations and oversees the creation of a testbed to demonstrate 5G capability.

Digital Minister Margot James MP said: “We all want to have fast, reliable and uninterrupted connectivity on the go and our 5G testbeds being rolled out across the country will help to make that possible. The Connected Futures Showcase in the West of England will highlight the exciting potential of 5G technology, with the opportunity to enhance the experience of millions of visitors for years to come.”