Features are available through paid applications

Canon PTZ camera CR-N700

Canon has added auto tracking and auto loop features to its PTZ camera, the CR-N700. 

The Auto Tracking Application RA-AT001 and the Auto Loop Application RA-AL001 are available through paid applications, and launch with support for the CR-N700 camera. The company plans to continue to expand the line-up of applications provided by its Add-On Applications System, as well as its line-up of compatible remote camera models.

The auto tracking application automatically tracks people with precision, to ensure they are always framed and in-shot, without the intervention of a camera operator. It includes full-body, upper body, shoulders-up and other viewpoints, as well as speeds ranging from slow to brisk walking and adjustement functions such as composition, tracking sensitivity and priority display area.

Meanwhile, the auto loop feature enables the camera to follow a pre-programmed, automated pan/tilt/zoom movement without the need for an operator to manually change the shot. It has two movement pattern options, loop or back-and-forth, and allows adjustment of start-stop acceleration/deceleration to simulate manual camera movements. These features are programmable via a single screen, where operators can apply position and route settings and access a preview, as well as control the speed of movement and duration of pause at each position.

The applications will be on show at ISE next week, 31 January - 3 February, and available to download from April. Compatability with further PTZ cameras will be added in “due course”.