VFX shots for BBC1 drama

14321671 high res gunpowder

Client Kudos

VFX The Flying Colour Company

Brief Complete all VFX shots for a 3 x 60-minute drama set in 1605 in which Robert Catesby, a 33-year-old Warwickshire gentleman, plots to blow up Parliament and kill the King of England.

How it was done For episode one, working closely with production designer Grant Montgomery and director J Blakeson, The Flying Colour Company added blood and gore, and completed crowd replication work, for execution scenes. The VFX team also created set extensions for the Tower of London and Warwick Castle, built London establishing shots and worked on multiple green-screen elements. In total, 170 shots were finished, all using Flame. The work was completed by Vinny David, Andy Maddison, Jaime Leonard, Fabio Vona, Fasa Oyibo, Dominic Thomson and Sarah Buisson.

Watch it Saturdays, 8pm, BBC1