The Flying Colour Company’s VFX work on Sky Atlantic drama

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VFX The Flying Colour Company

Brief Create and deliver 2D and 3D VFX shots for this drama about a former British detective, now a police chief, who brings his family to the tranquil town of Little Big Bear only to encounter waves of organised crime.

How it was done The Flying Colour Company creative director Dominic Thomson provided on-set supervision on location in Canada for approximately two months and then oversaw the asset builds and shot creation back in the UK. Various environment and green-screen work was completed, including adding mountains to backgrounds, augmenting a gas station and compositing an elk onto a road in front of a car. Jaime Leonard, Andrew Maddison, Fabio Vona and Fasa Oyibo, supported by Sarah Buisson, completed the 705 shots using Autodesk Flame.

Watch it Thursdays, 9pm, Sky Atlantic