It has been chosen as the launch partner for TikTok’s new ‘Share to TikTok’ platform API

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Grabyo has integrated TikTok’s ‘Share to TikTok’ API into its cloud video platform.

The feature allows users to create a clip or video in vertical format within Grabyo’s cloud-based platform, to upload directly to the TikTok mobile app ready for publishing. Once uploaded, users will then see a push notification on their mobile devices, at which point, they can make edits, add filters, music and overlay graphics to optimize the content for their audience. 

The service will be rolled out globally to Grabyo customers and partners.

Grabyo CEO Gareth Capon said: “TikTok is the fastest growing social network of all time and we have seen huge demand from Grabyo customers to simplify and accelerate the process for publishing on the platform.

“We are proud to be a launch partner for the new service and can’t wait to see the creative executions on customer’s TikTok accounts as we go live.”

Grabyo chief technology officer Mun-Wai Kong added: “Integrating with one of the most innovative social media platforms is extremely exciting for everyone at Grabyo.

“Being chosen as a launch partner for its Share to TikTok web API means that we can now simplify our customers’ workflows in delivering near-live video content to TikTok the platform with ease - allowing our customers to stay ahead of the curve.”