It has signed a $25 million (£18.36m) partnership with Qvest


Grass Valley has launched a strategic focus on live video, with new brand tagline ’We Love Live’.

The new corporate identity also aims to help customers transition to the latest technology, such as cloud, IP, and software-based solutions. It is supported by Grass Valley investor Black Dragon Capital.

CEO and president of Grass Valley, Tim Shoulders, said at the launch on Wednesday, 7 October: “Today, we are strengthening our mission to support our customers as they transition to the future of media and entertainment through IP, software, and cloud-based technologies.

“We are focused on giving today’s media companies the agility they need to produce and deliver compelling live content and guide them towards flexible operating models that embody choice and streamlined workflows to enable economic transformation.”

Neil Maycock, Grass Valley’s CMO and general manager of playout, added: “We have refreshed our corporate identity to position Grass Valley for the future as we support the ongoing transformation of the media companies producing the world’s most valuable content while driving market-leading innovation.”

Meanwhile, Grass Valley marked the rebranding with the news that it has signed a $25 million (£18.36m) partnership with media technology company Qvest.

The deal will see the pair working together on technological solutions and offerings to the industry, and Qvest standardizing on Grass Valley’s advanced production solutions with the aim to benefit from enhanced economies of scale, creative commercial models and closer technological collaboration.

Qvest CSO Christian Massmann said: “The media and entertainment industry is evolving at an astonishing rate with audiences demanding more content across a greater number of devices. Our customers are the cornerstone of the M&E space, ranging from news networks to sports broadcasters, video streaming services, and major film studios.

“These technology-reliant operators demand state-of-the-art solutions that enable them to differentiate their services and maintain a competitive edge. To offer this to our customers, in addition to our technology and transformation expertise we have built up a worldwide partner network of first-class product manufacturers over many years. By also working closer with the Grass Valley team in future, we are able to share market insights, align our technology roadmaps and leverage greater purchasing.”

Grass Valley’s Shoulders added: “We are delighted to be embarking on this next phase of the strategic partnership with Qvest and look forward to jointly realizing the benefits of the win-win enterprise agreement. Over the past 20-years, we have forged a powerful alliance and this next step will further strengthen our technology and business collaboration and will provide customers with world-class solutions that address both current operational challenges and longer-term transformational goals.”