VOD optimisation firm says new service ’solves a major blind spot for the industry’

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VOD optimisation firm Looper Insights has launched a set-top box-specific solution for VOD optimisation.

Looper Insights SEE for STB allows studios and stores to track any title in any store anytime whether on an OTT store, an MVPD, connected TV or other device.

Looper Insights CEO Lucas Bertrand said: “Clients who use our data insights on their OTT stores have been coming to us saying that they cannot get real-time data on set-top box stores. If you’re in LA or London how could you see the performance or positioning of your films on a store in another domestic or foreign market if it’s not OTT? So we have built a solution with our partners that solves a major blind spot for the industry. We’re currently trialling the technology with a major studio and will be announcing the deal imminently.”

The product delivers automated data which it says enables IP-owners to optimise their revenues across stores on traditional cable-and-satellite pay-TV services.

Looper Insights SEE also provides merchandising and compliance insights, enabling studios to understand how their content is being priced and promoted, and how this impacts upon sales.

The news follows the recent announcement of an annual deal with A+E Networks, under which Looper will provide TVOD/EST management and optimisation services to the global media and entertainment company.