The development enables high quality motion capture through advanced AI via an iOS app

Screenshot 2023-02-27 at 13.24.37 has launched an iOS app that provides studio-quality markerless motion capture. It is built around software that extracts human motion from video using advanced AI.

With 2-6 iPhones, users can capture motion data from ”anyone, anywhere, at AAA game studio quality,” says the company.

The app works with iPhones from the iPhone 8 onwards, running iOS 15 or above.

The beta programme for has already had more than 20,000 sign ups.

IMG_5138 says the configuration to motion capture using its app can be set up in minutes. The software is also able to capture natural movement without the restrictions of wearing suits.

The app enables content creators to explore avenues that may have been out of reach due to budget or equipment limitations.

It is available to download now from the App Store. A free time-restricted version is available while the full programme costs US$365 (£303) per year for unlimited use.

Fred Isaac, head of product at, said: “One of my favourite parts of the app is the simplicity. Anyone, anywhere can pick up the app and start capturing human motion with intricate detail, including hands, which are notoriously difficult to capture.

“Our greatest achievement so far has been capturing motion from a person using a jetpack, but we’ve also explored the app’s possibilities in various activities such as dance and sports, and even being able to capture fundamental human emotions.”