However, OTT subscribers would sacrifice content quantity for a price saving, if the offering was more tailored to them.


Research commissioned by Amdocs Media has been told by consumers that their loyalty to a subscription service is driven more by the content than by its price. 

The survey of 1,000 people found that 46% of consumers factored the quantity of content into their loyalty to a service, and 44% factored in the quality.

Meanwhile, only 29% took into account the price or pricing options. 24% found the smoothness of the onboarding process important, while 11% look into the ratio of ads and ad-free content.

However, when it comes to the OTT market there were some nuances, with a clear majority of those asked, 73%, saying they would prefer to pay a lower price for a subscription package that had less content overall, but the content they got was more tailored to their preferences.

There was also some good news for streaming services in the results, with more respondents having a subscription to one of their platforms, 83%, than those with a cable/satellite subscription, 69%. This looks like it may only grow, with 54% stating that the pandemic has seen them use their OTT subscriptions more.

Subscribers are also happier with what they receive from OTT platforms than from TV subscriptions, with 70% saying that they get all of the content that they need from services. Only 59% said the same for cable/satellite. 

Raman Abrol, general manager & chief commercial officer at Amdocs said of the news: “Lockdowns have seen consumers wanting more from their subscription services. This data shows there is a real desire for more high quality content and bespoke content packages across the increasingly wide range of subscription services we now enjoy.”