BTS Lucy The Human ChimpC

How Hollywood helped Lucy the Human Chimp

Going into production during the global pandemic meant using a technique reserved for big-budget films on our Channel 4 doc, says Alex Parkinson


How the ‘woman of Cremona’ revealed Big Light’s Leonardo

Telling the story of the great Renaissance painter came together when we discovered his possible ‘muse’, says Frank Spotnitz


Working with the Wolf of Wall Street

Creating Discovery+’s GameStop: The Wall Street Hijack was a complicated and exciting challenge – and so was its presenter, says Mark Radice

Ruth Pitt

CCC: nations and regions takes centre stage

Creative Cities Convention co-founder Ruth Pitt gears up for this week’s launch

Jeremy Kyle

Producers must follow duty of care rule changes

Ofcom safeguards make clear indies must ensure contributor welfare, says Nigel Abbas

69615_S10_Ep1_Gogglebox 2

TV should lead the way on ending workplace bullying

We have a duty of care to each other and our industry should be ahead of the curve in calling out bad behaviour, says Jane Perry

big brother jade-goody

Newswrap: duty of care special

Two years on from the cancellation of Jeremy Kyle, indie bigwigs from The Garden, Initial and BBC Studios discuss the current state of play