Clear Cut Pictures’ grade, audio and titles for ob doc series

Client Curve Media

Post Clear Cut Pictures

Brief Post-production on this observational series showing the cases attended to by paramedics.

How it was done The production team were keen to ensure all actuality retained a gritty feel in line with the stories they were telling, while interview footage was given a glossier look. Gemma Comber and Ian Mander worked on the grade during the online stage, creating a distinct style for each scenario, which was then applied throughout the series. Due to the sensitive nature of the stories, a lot of time was spent blurring faces to protect people’s identities. Comber also designed a fast-paced opening titles sequence to reflect the intensity of the stories. Head of audio Ben Newth and his team provided noise reduction from the various audio sources using the RX noise-reduction plug-in.

Watch it Available now on All 4