The Farm Group’s picture post and Hackenbacker’s audio work on Big Talk’s C4 comedy-drama series

Client Big Talk Productions

Post The Farm Group (picture post), Hackenbacker (audio post)

Brief Post-production on David Mitchell and Robert Webb’s new six-part comedy-drama series for Channel 4.

The picture post

How it was done The Farm Group colourist Sonny Sheridan graded the series using Digital Vision’s Nucoda. It was shot on an Arri Alexa camera and Sheridan, working with director Ben Palmer and DoP John Sorapure, created inviting, naturalistic atmospheres. In contrast, to stylise the flashback scenes, Sheridan used layers of de-focus and vignettes to evoke a sense of the past. To highlight sequences that depicted happy memories, Sheridan keyed into the highlights, creating soft glows and warm, golden hues. The melancholic memories were emphasised by using cooler tones. Tam Osman and Matt Jeffreys completed the online using Avid Symphony. It was post-produced by Sean Gatenby.

The audio post

How it was done With emphasis on crisp, clear dialogue to deliver the comedy, the sound pallete throughout the series was generally naturalistic, with sonic events being balanced and timed to complement the action, without distracting from the performances on screen. The show contains flashback moments from the point of view of the two lead protagonists; one whose memories are vivid and happy and the other whose are dull and somewhat uneventful. Working with director Ben Palmer, and using filtering along with strategic content choices, sound was able to work alongside the visual styling and grade to reinforce the contrast between the two. The series dialogue was edited by Tom Williams with sound effects were handled by Alex Gibson and Ben Chick. The show was mixed by Nigel Heath and Alex Fielding in Studios One and Two respectively at Hackenbacker’s Bateman Street HQ.

Watch it Wednesdays, 10pm, Channel 4